Farmboxdays Gazette – 11.07.2012

Recently, my parents came to stay. It was observed that I spend a lot of time on the computer.

“What are you doing?” they asked, because it must appear I am doing nothing. “Reading,” I answered.

Which led me to think I could capitalize on my pastime or, at least, I should so as to be able to justify it.

Thus here begins a new series of posts on this blog, “new” for all 21 of you regular followers who will notice the difference. As a point of pride it must be said that not all 21 are related to me.

The object is to share a bit of what I read, since most of it is about food. Here goes… (Mom, click on the underlined bit to get to the link.)

Farmers on the weather – Farmers Weekly

The cost of food is rarely reflected accurately. Enter the UK milk crisis – Farmers Weekly & The Shropshire Star

EU Farmers join the milk protest – Food Ingredients First

Small dairy farms in the UK – Farmers Weekly

GM food protest – This is South Devon

Discussion of the UK’s  Green Food Project – Food Navigator & The Guardian

Local food is good – NY Times

Local food is bad – Grist

Funding for agricultural research and who gets it – Public Services Europe

Challenging the supermarkets – The Guardian

Rising temperatures, rising waters, rising food costs. So who should regulate consumption? – Food Ingredients First

View on who should regulate and why – Food Navigator

The economics of consumption – Financial Times

Marion Nestle on Big Food – Public Library of Science

Big Organics – NY Times

Water Matters – Business Green

Children’s Food News

Children going hungry in UK schools and we’re not talking about 1906 – The Guardian

Well done Southwark council on extended free school meal eligibility – Southwark Council

School Meals, Take 2 – The Independent

A search for the English Martha and the real thing – The Independent & Neverseconds



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